DbMAP 3D Suite

DbMAP 3D is a suite of professional applications to design, create and publish geographic content, which can be visualized in 3D thorough the web.

DbMAP 3D Suite produces 3D scenes allowing the representation and the analysis of territorial and urban data and the integration with existing Spatial Data Infrastructure.

DbMAP 3D is a powerful, complete, easy to use software suite that provides an "on-the-fly" visualization of various data sources: manifold textures (aerial and satellite imagery), vectorial data, 3D models and LiDAR data.

Starting from digital elevation data, DbMAP 3D Suite produces accurate and efficient terrain models which, at the same time, are efficient for an optimal use via Internet and for a smooth navigation and seamless visualization on 3D scenes of very wide extension.

DbMAP 3D consists of three following modules: DbMAP 3D Builder, DbMAP 3D Server and DbMAP 3D Flyer.

Furthermore, the suite also includes the desktop application DbMAP 3D CityVision for modeling buildings on urban-scale in a highly automated and ergonomic manner.