Abaco with Agromatrici from Visconti Brothers Group for tracking organic waste in agriculture Giulia 15 June 2021

Abaco with Agromatrici from Visconti Brothers Group for tracking organic waste in agriculture

Abaco Group and Agromatrici launch Ginevra integrated platform for supply chain management related to organic waste recovery.

Mantova, June 14, 2021 – Abaco Group, a European reference player in the provision of software solutions for the management and control of land resources oriented to precision agriculture and environmental sustainability, has supported Agromatrici of the Fratelli Visconti Group – an innovative SME that carries out its activities in the biomass recovery sector and in particular in the development of solutions for the recovery of waste and refuse – in the technological development of the innovative integrated platform Ginevra.

The platform, whose name derives from the acronym INtEgrated Management for the ValorIzation of biosolids and correctives on the basis of the ReAli needs of soils, was developed under the POR-FESR 2014-2020 Innovation and Competitiveness of the Lombardy Region and enables the integration and processing of a large amount of data from different existing and certified management systems (e.g. waste management laboratory management for the issuance of analytical test reports and for the digitized management from the spreading campaigns of fertilizers produced from waste) in order to enhance biosolids and correctives based on the real agronomic needs of the territory.
This goal is achieved through the possibility of tracking and managing in an integrated way the entire agricultural recovery chain of biomass derived from the purification of water from the Integrated Water Sector Companies or from companies in the agribusiness sector.

“The goal of the project we are carrying out with Agromatrici of the Fratelli Visconti Group is to definitively move away from the concept of ‘waste disposal’ and consider recovery in agriculture as a process of resource valorization in full compliance with the principles of circular economy and Bioeconomy thanks to the complete tracking of the supply chain,” said Antonio Samaritani, CEO of Abaco. “All the more so in such a complex context, the use of technological tools capable of assessing the seriousness of a company and its behavior in the territory, its compliance with rules and regulations, along with, of course, the quality of the product offered, is fundamental.”

“Data derived from monitoring carried out with terrestrial drones and satellite indices together with analytical soil characterization data that our Company has are processed by algorithms capable of producing fertilization recommendations and prescription maps,” explained Elisa Casaletta, Head of Agromatrici R&D. “Therefore, the integrated platform is the tool, accessible to all the entities especially deputed to control, thanks to which it will be possible to formulate not only fertilization recommendations, which combine the availability of products with the needs of the farmer and the aptitude of the soils to receive them, but above all the means through which compliance with the regulations in force can be guaranteed, traced and controlled (from the phase of waste delivery from the purifiers to the treatment platforms; from the notification phase of the geo-referenced spreading activity to that of agricultural recovery in the field), as well as the actual needs of the crop, while ensuring the circularity of the process and its complete traceability.”

Abaco, established in 1990, has 30 years of experience in land management software development. Thanks to its vocation for innovation, the company has enabled it to anticipate the needs of an evolving market and become a trusted partner of public and private entities facing the challenge of sustainable development of traceability and productivity on a daily basis. In particular, Abaco was chosen by the UK government to develop the platform for managing subsidies under the CAP and will continue to do so during the period of Britain’s exit from the EU. Since June 2019, Abaco has been an investee company of Taste of Italy, an Italian fund specializing in the agribusiness sector managed by DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR. In 2021 ABACO was included in the report “Food traceabilitymarket (technology& software) global forecast to 2025” by Markets and Markets, one of the world’s leading Market Research companies. As of April 2021, Abaco is part of the Private Sector Guiding Group, which aims to engage some of the key private sector players in the preparation of the United Nations Food System Summit. The Group’s headquarters are in Mantua, Italy. The company also has offices in Rome and the United Kingdom.

Agromatrici, a company of the Fratelli Visconti Group, is an innovative SME that carries out its activities in the biomass recovery sector and in particular in the development of solutions for the valorization and recovery of waste and scrap.
With the goal of a new definition of the relationship between development and the environment. Agromatrici proposes innovative solutions to promote sustainable land use, from a Green Economy and Bioeconomy perspective for a transition to the Circular Economy, where waste becomes an inexhaustible source of energy and value. With this approach, the aim is to propose an overall improvement of the waste, by-product and organic waste management system, privileging, in the choice of proposed technologies, the recovery and valorization chain over disposal. The Company has, at its operational headquarters in Tromello (PV) in the heart of Lomellina in Lombardy, state-of-the-art laboratories for R&D activities such as feasibility studies, pilot trials, tests and analysis in the chemical-physical and microbiological fields.