Vision abacogroup2022 8 September 2022
Planet health is our challenge, data is our DNA

We combine knowledge and experience to meet current challenges with an innovative vision.
We continually strive to achieve the best.
Our mission is to drive sustainability and innovation to effectively manage risk in agriculture, the sector most affected by the impact of climate change.
We operate within the framework designed by the United Nations 2030 Agenda to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our values

Simplification of the administrative processes regulating agriculture requires clear information, faster handling, and reduced margin for error.
At a time when both governments and players across the agro-industry are facing more and more challenges, it is important to maintain effective communication between all parties, ensuring a clear understanding of the regulations facilitating compliance.

True sustainability is an ambitious but crucial achievement if we want to succeed in “meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising those of the future generation”. We must all be involved and committed if we are to actually succeed in achieving the sustainable development goals of safeguarding the health of the earth and avoiding the collapse of the earth’s ecosystem.

The consumer is increasingly aware and demands (deserves) clarity of information. Quality and food safety are achievable objectives thanks to the traceability and retraceability of products at all stages of harvesting, production, processing and distribution.
From the guarantee of the raw materials used, to the truthfulness of the labels of agricultural products, from the traceability of potentially risky products, to the choice of suppliers.

Helping to produce food in sufficient quantities to meet the needs of an ever-increasing population: this challenge is compounded by increasing complications such as lack of resources, climate change and endangered ecosystems.
The agricultural sector needs support that provides a 360-degree view of all the conditions in which it operates and facilitates full control over its activities.

Always by the clients' side

We support all our clients facing the challenges of digital transformation.

Technological Innovation

ABACO has made technological excellence the key to its growth: we were the first using space databases in a commercial solution for industry and the public sector. Since 2000, we have been managing a single scalable and robust service platform supporting modular solutions that flexibly integrate to deliver a modern Management and Decision Support System (DSS) to optimise processes.

Modular and Open Data

We offer flexible and scalable, custom-configured solutions and we integrate with all major ERPs.

UX/UI oriented

A program of continuous investment in our platform and mobile applications ensure we take advantage of cutting edge innovations to simplify use and improve the experience for all types of users.