Agritech abacogroup2022 12 September 2022
We support the agri-industry sector

We support the agri-industry sector from smart farming, precision agriculture, productivity, traceability and sustainability, all in one place.
From the arable and dairy businesses to agronomists, from big players in the agri-industrial sector to agricultural resarch institutes.

Enter the world of digital agriculture

We bring your work from the field to digital domain ensuring effective and customised management processes according to customer and user needs.


We integrate with third-party software, existing management software, machinery and 4.0 equipment, bringing technology together in one place.


We provide an extensive database that facilitates the processing of data, providing information that is easily understood,using interpretation tools to display outputs, such as customised dashboards.


We provide valuable decision support and risk factor assessment through data monitoring indicators, with a dedicated team.


We ensure the simplification of all management processes, from field to administrative tasks, configuring tailor-made solutions for every need.

Smart Farming

We bring innovation to the field by integrating and interconnecting  4.0 technologies.