Smart Asset Management abacogroup2022 28 September 2022
The right tool for smart management of all assets

The modular solution that provides complete cartographic and geolocalised management of all assets, from buildings to warehouses, from machinery to photovoltaic plants.

Tools and technologies to support all stakeholders in every phase of land and property management valuation.

Take full controll of all assets

Discover the innovative solution that ensures smart, digitised and sustainable management of all your land and property assets.


Rapid management of maintenance interventions and constant monitoring of the status of supplier requests for intervention.


Georeferenced planning, management and reporting of maintenance of photovoltaic systems.


Management of taxes, conduction titles and issuing of payment notices, collections and outstanding amounts, also interfacing with third party accounting systems.


Constant and simplified control through customisable dashboards of consumption from different energy production sources.

Digitise your asset management, simplify your work

Increase the value of all territorial resources, reduce costs and environmental impact.