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Our values, our mission

Values and guiding principles of ABACO Group are outlined in the Corporate Policy and Code of Ethics.

ABACO Group has identified an integrated policy for the management of quality, information security and environmental aspects in line with the context of its organization’s strategic risks and in compliance with legal requirements and regulations.

The company recognizes the importance of proper management and control of its environmental aspects, as well as of raising the awareness of its employees to respect the environment.


Organizational model

To implement these principles the General Management of ABACO Group has adopted a strategy based on various integrated lines of action and are based on the requirements set out by the following standards: ISO 9001:2015 (Quality), ISO 14001:2015 (Environment), ISO 27001:2017 (Information Security) with the integration of the ISO27017 and ISO27018 guidelines, also complying with CYBER ESSENTIALS and CSA STAR data security standards.

Model 231 implements the provisions of Legislative Decree 231 of 2001-which introduced into the Italian legal system the administrative liability in criminal proceedings of entities for certain offenses committed in their interest or to their advantage by directors, managers or employees-for the purpose of preventing the commission of the offenses set forth in the Decree.

The Model is aimed at fostering the performance of company activities according to principles of fairness, ethics and transparency and, at the same time, to avoid potential risk situations in business management.

Code of ethics
ABACO UK LTD Integrated Quality Policy

The Code of Ethics indicates the set of principles and lines of conduct to be followed by the directors, employees and collaborators of ABACO Group in the context of their respective functions and work activities.

The principles of the Code of Ethics contains specifications of the general obligations of diligence, fairness and loyalty that must qualify the performance of work services and behavior in the work environment referable to ABACO Group.

The values and reference principles to which the ABACO UK LTD company operating in Information Technology applied Geographic Information System, inspires its business are outlined in the Company Policy.

ABACO UK LTD has identified an integrated policy for the management of aspects relating to Quality and Information Security in line with the context of the strategic risks of its organization and in compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements in force.

ABACO UK LTD , through its integrated policy, undertakes to achieve its business objectives taking into consideration the expectations of opportunities and stimulus of its collaborators in compliance with contractual obligations and in compliance with the regulations concerning the dissemination of ethical values and a socially culture. manager in the company, in close collaboration with the Italian parent company.

To implement these principles, the General Management of ABACO UK LTD  has adopted a strategy based on different lines of action, strongly integrated with each other and based on the requirements expressed by the ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality) and ISO 27001: 2017 (Information Security).

Download the Policy: an integrated system for quality, environment and data safety

ABACO leader of sustainability

Since 2021, ABACO is among the 100 outstanding Italian companies in the field of sustainability, which have been fully included in the Forbes Italy ranking, compiled by Credit Suisse and Kon Group.